I’m Back!!

Hello friends!!

I’ve been back from vacation now for a little less than a week, and I still have not readjusted to my normal everyday life! I feel like I could have used another few weeks of vacation… or if I could have just stayed on vacation forever than would have been wonderful too! In the next week I’m hoping to share a couple of recipes that I made on vacation, and also do a post on the food that I ate on my trip, but I thought for my first post back I’d share some of my pictures from the trip.

We traveled to Chincoteague, VA, one of my favorite places in the world! My family has been vacationing there for about 8ish years now (my Aunt and Uncle even longer). There are many fabulous houses/condos to rent on the island, so we always stay in an awesome place that feels like home! Our house was amazing- we stayed in the same house last year, and it is one of my favorite houses on the island. It has a great view of the bay, has an amazing porch that winds around the whole house (and part of it is screened in, which is a great refuge from mosquitos), and the inside is large and spacious. We went to the beach on Assateague Island many days. Assateague is a protected wildlife refuge, and so no one is able to live or build on the island, which means that the beach is unobstructed by buildings and private land. It is amazing, and it is great for the abundance of wildlife that lives there- including wild horses. We also went kayaking, bike riding, did a little bit of shopping (the downtown area is really cute), went to the Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center which is operated by NASA, did a lot of eating, played many board games, and had an amazing two weeks of relaxation. I read a ton (I finished all the books I brought specially for vacation and a bunch of magazines as well), slept in, and just spent time hanging out.

Here are some of my pictures… be warned- sunset pictures abound!











Settlers of Catan




109 057 379 278 287

153 149 368 360 356 314 320 332 335 304 270 261 257 255 252 248 239

Oh those sunsets!! I just couldn’t get enough!


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