Vacation Eats: Eating Out

While on vacation we did a combination of eating out and cooking our own food. We were lucky to be staying in a house with a kitchen, so we were able to cook a lot of our own meals. This was great for a few reasons. 1. It’s a great way to save money! 2. We were able to take advantage of the local seafood/produce. 3. Eating out is great, but when you eat out for every meal, it can get old quickly, and 4. My mom and I both love to cook! So I want to share with you both what we ate out, and what we cooked ourselves, along with a couple of recipes too!! I’m going to split this up into a couple parts, so part 1 will be about where we ate out, and then our home-cooked meals will be in the next post! And of course the recipes will follow.

Eating Out

1. Woody’s Beach BBQ and Eatery

Chincoteague is a pretty small island, so there aren’t a huge amount of restaurants (although more than you’d think), and we visited a few of our favorites, and a new one (to us)! Woody’s Beach BBQ is a relative newcomer to the island (I think they’ve been around 5ish years now) but it is an extremely popular spot to get delicious barbecue, and awesome sandwiches (and even fish and shrimp tacos!). We went a couple times to get some of their specialties- pulled pork, ribs, and smoked chicken. All are delicious! The chicken can be a tad bit dry, but it does come with barbecue sauce on the side that helps with the dryness. The flavor of it is great! The ribs are definitely a winner- falling off the bone, and super-flavorful, and the pork is awesome as well. Leftovers are a great sandwich fixing. They have a few sides you can choose from- gingery applesauce, coleslaw (another great sandwich fixing), and really great baked beans. I also got a sandwich from the Eatery (which has awesome fried chicken). My choice this time was “The Duke”- a fried chicken sandwich with braised pineapple, bacon and “the Duke” sauce. I’m usually not one for fruit on my sandwiches, but the pineapple works perfectly here. Also good- the fries! They were not crispy, and got a little bit soggy after sitting, but the flavor was good, and even sogginess didn’t stop me from eating them. One note- because Woody’s is such a popular spot, you will probably have to wait a while for your food- especially if you go during peak times. They have a bunch of games (ring toss, corn hole, etc) that you can play while you are waiting though, and the wait is definitely worth it!

Smoked Chicken and Ribs "The Duke" and Fries "The Duke"

2. Sea Star Cafe

This sandwich spot has been a favorite of ours for years. They recently moved down to the main road to the beach, and it seems like a great spot for them, as it’s a bigger location, and much shadier- something that is very important, because it does take a little while to get your food, especially during peak hours. Another place that’s worth the wait though. They have an extensive sandwich menu- including fare for vegetarians and vegans. They also have things such as soups and salads, and have specials that change daily. It always takes me a while to figure out what I want to order, as I literally want to eat everything on the menu. This year I went with the “Bistro” sandwich- honey turkey, muenster cheese, avocado, romaine, and honey mustard on a croissant. So delish!

"Bistro" sandwich

3. Saigon Village

I’ve been wanting to go to Saigon Village for years. It’s in the heart of the historic downtown area, and every year when we walk along Main St. to search for souveniers, we see it. This year my mom and I decided we had to try it out. I got the Spicy Saigon Stir Fried Rice Noodle with shrimp. This was delicious! The flavors were great, and all the vegetables were so fresh! It was a really generous portion as well. I really wanted to try the noodle soups, but for those you’d have to go in the later afternoon/evening hours, as they have to cook a while to develop the flavors. Maybe next year!! After lunch, my mom and I decided to each get Vietnamese iced coffees. These were awesome! I just love sweetened condensed milk in coffee. I’ve decided that this is something I MUST learn to make. I’ve done some research I think that I will need to buy Trung Nguyen coffee– the price is actually really affordable! So I’ll let you know what happens with that soon!

Spicy Saigon Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Shrimp Vietnamese Iced Coffee

4. Gary Howard Seafood

Gary Howard Seafood is our favorite place to pick up fresh seafood on the island, and we did this many nights! We bought flounder, clams, oysters, and shrimp to bring back to the house and cook. They also have a takeout menu, and you can order prepared meals. They have a lot of different types of fried seafood platters, they make delicious crab cakes, and they will steam crabs for you (another thing we took advantage of)! I got the fried scallop platter this year with a side of hush puppies. So, so good! I also had a bite of my brother’s soft shell crab which was also super yummy! And of course the steamed blue crabs were great as well! One night we just ate crabs for dinner, and then we used the rest of the picked crabs in a couple of recipes (which I will definitely share).

Fried Scallops and Hush Puppies Steamed Blue CrabsSteamed Blue Crabs

We didn’t get to every place we wanted to eat this year, but everything we did eat out was great!! Next year I definitely want to get ice cream at the Island Creamery (my aunt said that the salted caramel with dark chocolate chunks was amazing), coffee at the Main St. Coffeeshop, and lunch or breakfast at Bill’s Seafood (last year I had a great soft shell crab BLT from here). I can’t wait until next summer!


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