These are a Few of my Favorite Things: Food Blog Edition


This post idea comes from my best friend, Rebecca, and I am so happy to oblige! I can’t remember when I first discovered food blogs, but I have been reading them for years now, and I have so many that I read on a regular basis… some I’ve been reading for what seems like forever, and some I discovered more recently, but these blogs are such a great source of recipe inspiration, and sometimes life inspiration as well. I lean toward blogs that feature approachable recipes, and bloggers who seem like the kind of people I’d want to be friends with in real life.

Smitten Kitchen–  If you are any regular reader of food blogs, you probably know all about Smitten Kitchen.  It’s been around for 10-plus years, and Deb has also written two fabulous cookbooks (Smitten Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen Every Day)- her latest came out just this past October. She calls herself an obsessive home cook, and works hard to perfect her recipes… and it shows.  She has such a fun voice when it comes to her blog- it’s approachable, the recipes are reliable, and she can make anything sound mouth-watering! Some of my favorite recipes on her site include:  Old School Baked Ziti; Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings; and Red Kidney Bean Curry. 

Shutterbean– Not only are the recipes on Shutterbean reliable and mostly weekday friendly (my favorite type of recipe), but also features my favorite photography of any food blog I follow. Tracy is one of the most creative and artistic people I follow in terms of blogging, and her instagram account is also fabulous. In addition to the recipes, one of my favorite series on her blog is her “My Everyday Life” posts, which are a look into her life via her photography. She has the ability to make anything beautiful. Also- she loves cats! Some of my favorite recipes on her site include: Spicy Asian Salmon Noodle Salad; Chicken Lettuce Cups;  and Turkey White Bean Chili.

Everyday Annie– Annie’s blog has recently transformed from mainly a food blog, into a food and lifestyle blog. While food is still a main focus, she also has posts on her knitting and sewing projects, fashion and travel. She posts mainly healthy meals, although she has some amazing dessert recipes as well, and she loves Mexican food as much as me haha… always a good quality! Some of my favorite recipes on her site include: Mexican Rice; Chicken Taquitos; and  Shrimp Tacos with Green Chile Adobo.

Pinch of Yum– Lindsey is a clear lover of food.  I love how excited she is about the recipes she posts. Her recipes, once again, lean toward the weeknight recipe side vs. project cooking, and while she has indulgent recipes, most tend to be fairly healthy. Many of her recipes also involve exciting flavors, and recipes that have nods to many cultures. Her photography is also mouth-watering! Some of my favorite recipes on her site include: The Best Detox Crockpot Lentil Soup; Spicy Sofritas Veggie Bowls; and Healthy Cinnamon Sugar Apple Muffins.

Joy the Baker– As you can tell from the title of Joy’s blog, Joy’s blog focuses mainly on baking, but has a very good selection of  savory recipes as well. She also occasionally writes a “Baking 101” series where she goes over in depth some baking basics which is very informative and fun, for someone who enjoys learning as much as I do. She also is the author of three cookbooks- Joy the Baker Cookbook, Homemade Decadence, and  Over Easy! Some of my favorite recipes on her site include: Spicy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup; Brown Sugar Cookies; and Toasted Oat and Coconut Muesli.

In addition to these five fabulous food blogs, here are some others I love and read regularly!

Also be sure to check out Food52, Serious Eats and The Kitchn!

I hope you enjoyed the first post in a series on my favorite things! Keep an eye out for more entries in the future 🙂


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